Get your winter tires changed in your driveway, hassle-free.

Roadlee's qualified team of experts is only a few taps away. Still need to put on your winter tires? Don't waste time booking an appointment at the mechanic's shop to complete your seasonal tire change. Roadlee will come to you and change them right in your own driveway!

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You can rely on Roadlee for all of your roadside ssistance needs. We offer seasonal tire changes, battery boost, vehicle towing, fuel delivery, vehicle unlocking and more.

Roadside assistance that’s available to everyone.

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"Being my first winter in Canada, I had no idea! Thank you Roadlee for helping me get going after my battery died."

New to Canada
“Roadlee’s online shop allowed me to build a safe, portable tool library enabling me to respond to more calls and rescues. Being able to find everything I need in one convenient spot was a huge help in allowing me to grow my income and provide safe, reliable service.”
Roadlee Rescuer since 2020

"Ran out of gas on the way to a game and you guys were one click away! Thanks for thinking outside the box!"

Mother of 3

A handful of services, at your fingertips.

Vehicle Unlocking

A Roadlee Rescuer can get you back into your vehicle if you are locked or frozen out of your car.


Battery Boost

Is there anything worse than a dead battery? Rescuers are equipped to boost your vehicle’s battery.


Fuel Delivery

A Roadlee Rescuer will deliver and fill your tank with $10 worth of fuel so you can get back on the road.



Trailer/ Vehicle Transport
From $99.99

A Rescuer can pull your boat, camper or trailer or drivable automobile to wherever you need it, when you need it.



Winching Services

Our Rescuers will help you safely retrieve your vehicle that may be stuck in the mud, snow, water or a ditch. 



Vehicle Transport with Tow
From $99.99

If you need a traditional tow, our Rescuers and Platform are connected to tow operators who are just a click away.


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24/7 roadside assistance – No membership required – In-app payments with pre-set pricing – Community-based

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