How to pick the right tow company when your car breaks down

Sometimes an unfortunate situation happens and you’re left on the side of the road with car troubles. The only thing you can do is call to get your vehicle towed.

A common question we get at Roadlee is: “How do you find a trustworthy, yet affordable, towing company?”

We’ve all heard horror stories about someone we know having an awful or uncomfortable experience with a towing company, paying way too much for a simple service or dealing with someone who has just taken your afternoon from bad to worse. We’ve listened, and here are a couple of things you can do next time you need to get your vehicle towed:

  1. Read the company’s reviews.
    One of the best ways to know if a company provides good customer service is through reading reviews from real people. This will give you a very clear picture of whether this is a company you should be trusting with your vehicle or if you need to keep looking.
  2. Use companies that keep a record of your services.
    The best way to ensure that you receive consistent customer service is by using a system that remembers who you are. Roadlee is a great example of this – our free app will connect you with a qualified and pre-approved Roadlee Rescuer for any emergency roadside assistance needs you may have.
  3. Know what you’re paying for.
    Tow truck companies can be notorious for jacking up the prices once your vehicle has been hitched – make sure you know what the price of the service is that you’re agreeing to before you let them hitch your vehicle.

For a safe, easy and cost-efficient experience, download the Roadlee app today and have peace of mind for any emergency roadside assistance you might need.