Our Roadlee Rescuers are vetted using our 7-point certification.

You can rest assured that you are in qualified hands, whether you’re looking for emergency roadside assistance or preventative, at-home service.

Roadlee has an extensive on-boarding process to link the right people to the right jobs.

Roadlee Rescuers extensive onboarding process

Process 1

• Assess proper skillset to be a Roadlee Rescuer.
• Appropriate training modules with certification
• Ensure appropriate tools to complete the job

Roadlee Rescuers extensive onboarding process

Process 2

• Verify appropriate credentials.
• Verify mechanic/ towing license
• Motor vehicle license
• Active insurance in place

Roadlee Rescuers extensive onboarding process

Process 3

• Ensure your safety
• Identity Confirmation
• Criminal background check

All Roadlee Rescuers must:


• Pass a criminal background check before they can be onboarded

• Only perform the jobs they are qualified to complete

• Must have a mechanic/ tow license or complete training

• Criminal background check

• Insurance Check

• Active driver’s license

• Tool verification

• Identity verification

We don’t hire just anyone.

All of our Roadlee Rescuers go through an extensive onboarding process to ensure they have the tools and the knowhow to get the job done. Our Rescuers come from diverse work backgrounds, with some being mechanics, tow truck drivers and other automotive related fields and we’ll ensure you are matched with the right Rescuer to help you in your time of need. At Roadlee we also take accountability seriously, all Rescuers and customers have the opportunity to rate their experience to ensure we have only best people in your community. Does this sound like you? Become a Roadlee Rescuer today.