Top 3 things you need to know about winter tires this season

Winter driving in Canada definitely isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – sometimes we can be greeted with pretty unruly weather conditions. Some of the worst parts of winter driving is having to drive on snow-covered and icy roads. One question that always gets asked coming into the winter season is: “Do I really need winter tires?” We hear you, and thought we could help by outlining 5 things you should know about winter tires to make your winter driving experience better.

  1. Winter tires are not the same as all-season tires.
    While all-season tires offer great performance for drivers who live in moderate climates that don’t frequently encounter extreme cold or a lot of snow and ice in winter, they aren’t the go-to choice for those living in Ontario. In extreme temperatures, the rubber of an all-season tire will stiffen which makes it difficult for the tires to get traction. Winter tires are specially designed to handle these conditions while also adding increased tread depth and patterns to increase traction while driving.
  2. Switch out all four tires, not just two.
    Switching out only the front or back tires for your vehicle may seem like a budget-conscious option, but it’s not only inefficient, it can also be extremely dangerous. Winter tires work as a unit, with each wheel playing a part in the overall grip, traction and safety of your ride. Only changing out 2/4 tires eliminates the ability for the winter tires to effectively do their job.
  3. Let a professional install your tires.
    The biggest mistake we see people make is attempting to change their tires themselves, without the proper tools and knowledge to safely do so. This can be dangerous if you don’t know how to properly install, rotate and balance the tires so that they’re safe to drive on. Always try to find a trusted establishment, shop or service to help with this. If you live in Southern Ontario and don’t want the hassle of bringing your car to a shop, check out Roadlee. They make changing your tires easier than ever by coming to you and changing your tires in your driveway. How much simpler could it get?

Download the Roadlee app today and make changing out your winter tires a safe, easy and cost-effective experience.